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Capitol Notes - Greg Valliere

| March 01, 2018
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This is a blog I follow from Horizon Investments.  I wanted to share the Capitol Notes from their Chief Global Strategist.

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By Greg Valliere
Horizon's Chief Global Strategist


March 1, 2018

Getting Tough on Trade Today

THIS CHAOTIC WEEK may get even wilder today, as President Trump amps up the volume on trade. Reports overnight indicate that he will announce major new tariffs on steel and aluminum, with China as the main – but not the only – target.

THIS WILL INCREASE FEARS of retaliation, and concerns may grow about a possible collapse of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is on thin ice already. Ironically, U.S. businesses are largely opposed to tough new trade policies.

THIS LATEST BOMBSHELL comes after a memorable day – the resignation of Hope Hicks, a renewed feud between Trump and Jeff Sessions, Trump's apparent break with the NRA on gun reform, speculation about why Jared Kushner can't get a top security clearance, and fresh reports that Robert Mueller is widening his probe, focusing on business dealings by Trump and his inner circle.

WE HAVE A VERY EARLY FLIGHT this morning, and will return to these issues tomorrow. In the meantime, the markets will have to focus on a new concern – trade protectionism. Trump made a campaign promise to get tough on tariffs, and it appears he will, starting today.

AS FOR FED CHAIRMAN Jerome Powell, our guess is that he may seek to dial back speculation that the Fed might raise rates four times this year. The truth is that Powell has no idea if such drastic action will be necessary, and he may seek to calm the markets on that point in his Senate testimony today.

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