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New Podcast: Insights from an Industry Expert Kevin Caron

November 16, 2023

Curious about how changes in the Federal Reserve's interest rates impact the market? Join Kevin Caron, a seasoned Portfolio Manager from Washington Crossing Advisors, as he unravels the complexities of finance. In this podcast, we explore the effects of interest rate changes on cash, bonds, and stocks, while also discussing the benefits for savers.

We dive deeper into the challenges faced by young investors in today's market, including soaring stock prices and potential market pauses. Kevin provides advice on starting your investment journey and navigating potential obstacles. We also explore the potential of treasury bonds as a retirement investment strategy and examine how inflation and interest rates affect bonds.

In a thought-provoking twist, we question the traditional growth and value investing paradigm. Kevin suggests looking at companies as high quality or low quality, akin to a bond investor's approach, to simplify investment decisions. We also touch upon portfolio diversification and the role of professional money managers.

Tune in to gain insights and tips for navigating the financial markets, and equip yourself with tools for a secure financial future. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry expert Kevin Caron.

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