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Financial Planning

New Century Financial Group, recognizes that your planning needs are determined by the stage of life you are currently in. Our financial planning programs offer every aspect of financial planning from debt reduction to estate planning. Let us customize a financial plan for your needs.

Since everybody has different financial needs to plan for that is why New Century Financial Group will customize a financial plan that suits your household.

Cash Flow Planning

Understanding your income and expenses today and in the foreseeable future.

  • Making A Budget – monitoring your inflows to your planned expenses
  • Discuss Irregular Income and Expenses
  • Debt Reduction Planning – creating a plan to minimize the amount of interest you are paying on your college loans and other debts.
  • Help make future purchases. Example: Purchase / Lease?
  • Create a plan that tracts the ability to meet your short and long term goals.

Risk Management

Manage the risks that could undermine your goals, deplete your assets and threaten your income.

  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Protecting Your Income
  • Health Insurance
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Homeowners, Auto & Umbrella policy review
  • Personal & Professional Liability

Investment Planning

Find ways to utilize investment strategies and vehicles best suited to your risk temperament and personal planning objectives.

  • Determine Risk Preference
  • Align Portfolio to Goals
  • Determine the tax efficiency of a portfolio

Tax Planning Strategies

Tax planning is addressed in each section of your financial plan as in relates to that specific area.

  • Review your previous year tax return to explain your income, deductions and tax liability.
  • Work with your current tax preparer in making sure you are making the most out of the tax code for your benefit.

Retirement Planning

Develop a road map to get you to retirement and making sure you are staying on course.

  • Develop a retirement goal and utilize financial planning software that pulls together your expense needs, income sources, and assets to project a probability of success. By constantly updating the plan, we can determine if you are on track for your goals or if you can or need to make some adjustments due to being ahead or behind your goals.

Estate Planning

Maximize the amount of money you leave to your beneficiaries.

  • We will help you understand what legal documents and strategies are available like wills, POAs, trusts, and buy sell agreements to protect your personal and business interests in estate planning. We will help you plan and review your documents to ensure that your estate plan is lined up with your wishes.
  • Review Beneficiary Designations.
  • Optimize Asset Titling.
  • Be able to show how distribution will flow at death for control and taxation.

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