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Trusted Contacts

August 14, 2023

You work hard and are disciplined with your investments. So why not protect them with someone you trust? It's almost impossible to always be available to make decisions for your accounts. You may be out of the country, recovering from surgery, or experiencing cognitive issues that limit your ability to make financial decisions.


You can feel comfort knowing that you can name somebody you trust as your trusted contact on your account(s). This can be your spouse, child, friend, or another individual whom you list as a person who can be contacted to talk to regarding certain, but not all, information on your accounts(s).


I have attached two documents for you to review. The first explains what a trusted contact is and what they can and cannot do. The other is our company form to add a trusted contact to your account.


I also encourage you to watch this video FINRA has released on trusted contacts.

What is a Trusted Contact? from FINRA on Vimeo.

Trusted Contact Information´╗┐

Trusted Contact Client Form